HikaSerial Tutorial

Component Installation

First, you should have a Joomla! website with HikaShop installed.
The HikaShop edition does not matter, you can use HikaShop starter, HikaShop essential or HikaShop business.

HikaSerial could be installed like a classical Joomla! component, in the Extension Manger.

Once HikaSerial installed, his menu would be merged with the HikaShop menu. So at any time, in HikaShop or HikaSerial, you would have access to both component features.

First configuration

Before configuring HikaSerial, you have to understand his workflow (describe in the presentation).
HikaSerial can be use in different purpose but in most cases, a serial is generated when a product is bought.
It is also possible to generate serials in other context, like sending a newsletter with Acymailing.

The HikaSerial configuration screen does not contain a lot of options.
You have to check that the first option (Assignable order statuses) is right configured. It lists all "confirmed" order status where serials will be accessible by the user in his order.

For more details, you can see the global configuration documentation page.

Creating the first generator

The base of HikaSerial is creating serial. For this task, it uses generators (plugins).
HikaSerial contains several different generators (and you can create your own) which have different purposes.
In the HikaSerial menu, choose "Plugins". You will see the list of the plugins (with generators, consumers...). You have to choose one generator which will be feet to your needs.

  • Random generator for creating simple "random code" serials.
  • Coupon generator for creating HikaShop discount codes (gift certificates).
  • Series generator for creating serials serial (1,2,3,4...)
  • Secure eBook generator for the integration with the "Secure eBook" plateform
  • ...
With each generator you can create several configurations. So you can create different "random generator" configurations with different parameters and use them in different packs for different products.

Creating the first pack

In order to work and create serials, you first need a pack. A pack is a "pack of serial", it contains serials in order to group them for a specific purpose.
So you have to create a new pack

In the configuration of the pack, you will be able to choose the generator previously configured.

Associate the pack with a product

Once the pack created, you will want to associate it with an HikaShop product.
In the HikaShop product page, you will find a new section for serials.

You can use the "Add" button to select your HikaSerial pack and after that, select the quantity of serials that will be send to the user will he will bought the product.

Here we are, HikaSerial is configured !

Creating a gift certificate

If you want to sell gift certificates, in most of cases, you want to create HikaShop discount codes.
At this moment, you have to use the "coupon generator" and not the "random generator".
You can create a HikaShop coupon which will be use as template and create your first "coupon generator" configuration.
After that, you can associate this coupon generator with a new pack.
Each time a serial will be generated, a HikaShop coupon will be created too.

With the gift certificates, you may want to include an image in the order configuration email with the special code.
The customer will receive this image, could send it to someone else or could print it.
HikaSerial includes a "attach serial" plugin which allow you to create dynamic images for your serials.

This plugin is listed with other HikaSerial plugins. Like the generator plugins, you can create several configurations for "attach serial".
Each configuration is a specific image for one or several packs. The attach serial documentation page already includes a little sample configuration.