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Thank you for sending the link, I was having a rant based on paying for reCaptcha but it is clearly free so I apologise and thank you for your help.


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Thank you for your feedback.
You must have missed it but the ReCaptcha plugin we provide is, and has always been, completely free.
You can download it here:
You have a big download button there. That button is there whether you purchased HikaShop already or not. In fact, you could even use the plugin for the Joomla registration form without even installing HikaShop and it would work.
Also, this plugin is not only for HikaShop. It also works with Joomla's registration form, Joomla's contact form and a few extensions with registration/contact forms (alpharegistration, ccusers, gcontact, qcontacts, contact enhanced).

Also, our plugin does use Google's reCaptcha, like Joomla's reCatpcha plugin uses Google's reCaptcha. So they both can be bypassed the same way as they use the exact same tech.

The only reason why we don't directly integrate with Joomla's captcha system is that we don't see any benefit for anyone.
The plugin is already there, does the same thing, and is free so it wouldn't change much for HikaShop's users.
And for us, it would take a few days of work for something already doable for free and which won't make us any money.

Now, I'm not saying we'll never do it. But I don't see enough incentives to do it so far.

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