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There have been multiple posts regarding a product counter. This would have an unobtrusive graphic such as a shopping cart with a counter next to it.

This counter would update as products are added to the cart.

I came across this solution using items # 1 and #2 but they are hacks and would need to be updated after each HS update.

Any possibility you could incorporate them into your next update?

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You can already do this without us doing anything in HikaShop.
There are two ways to do it:
- the default HikaShop cart module can be configured to be displayed in "mini cart" mode. In that case, the module will only display a text like "X items for Y€". So you could add a translation override to change that text to display an image with just the X, and add a bit of CSS to position the X with the image you decide to use.
Here is a thread where we talk about this:
- the other way is to use our cart design plugin:
The plugin changes the look of the normal hikaShop cart module so that instead of the "X items for Y€" message, it displays first a cart icon, then the X and then "Total : Y€", which can be removed with an option in the cart module.
So it's less flexible, but it means zero tinkering with the translation overrides.

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