October 15 2019

We are now close to the end of 2019, so it's a good moment to go over this past year !
Let's have a look at the main new features we brought you in 2019 !

The HikaShop Team was happy to bring you many new features, improvements and bug fixes with no less than 6 new releases this year. Here are the main ones:

The new image WebP standard integrated

Some of you already know the image Google webp format. This format provides superior lossless and lossy compression. Thanks to that image files can be smaller and thus the display of the pages can be faster. The only drawback is that the browser needs to support the webp format.
HikaShop now supports the Webp format on the product images. When it generates a thumbnail for a products listing or a product page, it will also generate the webp image and in the HTML, it will offer both links so that browsers supporting the webp format will be able to use it, while others can still use the jpg/gif/png image like before.

Note : Learn more about the Webp format, here on the official Google documentation

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Privacy consent for contact page

Joomla has made a lot of efforts to allow to comply with the RGPD. One main point was the privacy consent checkbox that was added on the registration form. We've added the support for that in previous versions of HikaShop. So, with this release, we've also added the support of Joomla's privacy consent on the HikaShop contact form.

Note : To have this new feature, you have to use at least the Joomla 3.9 version and with the privacy consent content plugin activated.

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HikaShop filter system now uses Ajax

In the past, when your customer used or changed filter parameters, the whole listing page was refreshed. Now, with the 4.2.0 release, only the concerned parts of the page will be refreshed for a smoother use of your filter options!

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New listing div /table display switcher

We've added a new "Table switcher" option under the "Products options" tab of categories and products listing menu items. When activated, this option will add a several columns / one column switcher to the top of the products listings of that menu item.
That's something which was already possible with some templates made for HikaShop, or with a bit of view customization and had been requested as a built-in feature several times, so we're glad that it is now possible.

Note : For a smoother experience, the selection will be saved in the cookies of the browser, so the customer won't have to switch again the display on all the listings while navigating on your website.

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New view for your checkout workflow

Since a long time, many of you enjoy a fully customizable checkout workflow, it was time to go further! And for this we have added a new view type, the Separator.
You'll be able to have several columns of views in the different steps of your checkout thanks to this new checkout view !

Note :We've updated our tutorial on the checkout workflow tutorial in order to include this new view, and more specifically the option list, here and some concrete case, here. So be check to check that out to learn how to use that new view.

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Keep in touch folks.
Team HikaShop