Hikashop roadmap for 2020?

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Next year, we are looking to do some big changes regarding our company and website.

Our concern is:

1. What Hikashop team is working on? What changes/features will be added?

2. What are the status of the 'wishlist for all users". Can we expect any changes soon? www.hikashop.com/forum/feature-request/8...possible.html#313013

3. What about returns handling? www.hikashop.com/forum/orders-management...ustomer-returns.html

4. What about variants and other stuff which is connected to it?
This has been asked 2 years ago, but nothing has been changed here, a bit shame... www.hikashop.com/forum/product-category-...ue-for-variants.html , www.hikashop.com/forum/product-category-...ts-and-waitlist.html

5. What about infinity scroll and history back? www.hikashop.com/forum/feature-request/8...th-history-back.html

This is the core things we are looking to have next year. And some of this will required development by more experienced devs then me, which ofcourse will be extra money to spend.

There are some CMS which has all this stuff... However, taking time to learn other cms than we used too is not what we want.

So if you could take a bit of your time and let us know what is the roadmap of the Hikashop it would let us make a proper decision here.

Kind Regards

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The main thing in 2020 will be the compatibility with Joomla 4 of course.
The points that you note in your message and things that are high on our todo list. But it's not like these are the only ones.
Here what we have currently for our todo list (in no particular order) :


add tooltips for badge options 

dev plugin to add a "return goods" button for orders on the frontend with a form to select the goods to return, which would add a link in a table and send a notification email the admin could reply to.
There are three tables needed hikashop_return (1 entry per return request), hikashop_return_message (1 entry per message) and hikashop_return_goods (1 entry per good selected).
We can have an option to credit the points to the customer, or give him a coupon or potentially trigger a refund.

add a namebox when affiliate system is active so that you can change the partner associated with a user

send email to partner when affiliate order is confirmed

add an input for the purchased price for products so that we can have "profit" stats

shop for facebook:
shop channel with instagram/facebook (like shopify has: https://www.shopify.com/instagram)

add doc for PDF plugin (or not ?) -> add info to edit the invoice layout

allow users to delete/edit comment

handle waitlist notifications in the language of the user
add an option to confirm the waitlist notification subscription with a confirmation link in an email

custom order fields restriction by shipping method / payment method

price history plugin

- guest for wishlists
add an option to be able to add / remove a product from the wishlist without the possibility to have more than 1 (or the min qty)
-> have a new option to "like" products with the data stored in the cookies

- Add an option to have the number of products related to each choice in filters (without taking into account other filters)
add an option to restrict the display of a filter after the selection of another parent filter

improve infinite scroll with pagination

improve category explorer: https://www.hikashop.com/forum/install-update/897716-more-space-for-producttree.html#307830

add checkbox "same address" in backend

tracking number plugin hikashop & hikamarket

logging action plugin

implement better packing in shipping plugins:

- custom order image fields not working properly:
We need to add an input with the previous image when displaying the custom field

plugin to integrate with dropbox and/or google drive and/or amazon AWS for file sales with temporary download links.

add option to custom list fields to display the result as a ul/li list:

- redirection séprarée pour add to cart et add to wishlist:

exclude categories option for custom fields:

add channel link / title options to the google products plugin.

filter improvments:
add an option to restrict the available options to only the selected choices from the products in the current category.

add copy button for categories

add link on on the product image / name on the contact form

- use canonical URL of products in smart search plugin
- add an option to not index categories in the smart search plugin
- smart search product results layout:

- add warning when random is activated to inform that the pagination / infinite scroll will be removed
-> store the ids of the products in the session with a token for each page so that the pagination can be done without taxing too much the server. array( "token" => array( 0  => array(ids) ), array( 20 => array(ids) 

- add option to support several files for ajax file / image custom fields

- add option to display charactersitic selectors one after the other and only display the values relevant to the previously selected characteristics

- add option to disable add to cart at the product level
- add a "active" class for filters

- develop a multi-coupon plugin

- hikashop mp3 auto cutter plugin

- display ourselves the radio list of characteristic / option selection so that we can have an "active" class and a span around the text

- use translation overrides to translate content elements

- develop a plugin to have multiple warehouse stock per product (add a cross table between products and warehouses, etc)

- add a "create refund invoice for refunded orders" setting (or plugin ?) to be able to create negative amount invoices for refund

Support the different input methods in the checkout cart view and cart module

improve guest information edition:

- plugin to add a donation field on the checkout

- add status selection for the reminder plugin
- add coupon generator to the reminder plugin

- user selector / creator on checkout for vendors (or some user group) plugin

- set current currency based on current language
Please remember that the filter system improvements we worked on this year was asked for years and we only got around to do it this year.
Similarily, before HikaShop 3, we had a lot of requests to improve the checkout and the address management.
And since the release of HikaShop 3 a few years back, we've kept on improving both of these little by little with the latest addition being the separation of shipping and billing addresses and the separator view in the checkout that were both done in 2019. I believe these areas are quite nice now.

The points 2/3/4 of your message are things we want to work on in the short term (hopefully next year). The last one, is something that could be more easily done now that we've done the ajax filtering. But it's not a high priority ( as not a lot of people requested it ).

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You have big list here tho and thanks for the sharing. It is good to know what we can expect with new Hikashop releases. After reading it I would vote for the "returns" plugin as highest priority.

Never thought about making list live and let people vote for the new feature? Something like acyba have: www.acyba.com/community/feature-requests.html

I know it could be a mess for development but sometimes, most asked features could make Hikashop even better....

1. About filters... I have wrote few times regarding filter reset button and never received a replay for some reason: www.hikashop.com/forum/filters-search/89...iltering.html#313023

2. As for the search... Instead of using "smart search" wouldn't it be better solution to have hikashop menu item for search so even after search is done we also could apply additional hikashop filters on it?

The idea. To have hikashop search module. After searching it would redirect to search menu item with results. We also could use filters on that menu item. Accesing search menu item without search query would lead to message "no products found". The main issue with smart search that it doesn't allow to have hikashop filters on it, which could be very useful here.

3. And regarding infinity scroll. I have seen that some people are using it. It could be that they dont realise the drawback of using it without "history back" and "seo friendly"...If it can be easy added then i would love to see it.


Thanks again for your time.


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3 years 5 months ago #328575

would it possible to provide a updated overview what is actually planed for 2021?

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The todo list having more than a hundred points renders it meaningless.
The main things we want to work on in the next few months:
- restrict custom order fields based on the payment and shipping method selected
- have something similar to the about:config of firefox as HikaShop has many options that can be changed via PHPMyAdmin but without interface to do it directly from the backend. The goal is to still offer the capability to change them if necessary after we tell you what to do, but without the need to go in the database.
- improve the configuration page's tooltips
- improvments to the checkout exprerience when handling both shippable and virtual goods in the same shop
- support of Joomla 4 (it's already there, but Joomla is still pushing new betas and thus we need to adapt our code, as well as fix all the things that were reported by people testing HikaShop on the Joomla 4 betas)
These are the main things we've been working on until now and that will go out in the next few months. Other things will also be released but I don't know what yet.
As for after that, I can't say what we'll do as we didn't decide anything yet. However here are some things I would like to work on:
- add a booking mechanism (for pick & collect but also for booking rooms)
- add a POS mechanism (to use HikaShop in your brick and mortar shop too)
- new payment plugin for omnipay to support many payment gateways
- add next/previous support to infinite scroll
- develop a new PDF plugin so that we could directly use the output of the normal HTML invoice in HikaShop

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