October 20 2017

Here are some ideas to optimize your shop for this important period, Christmas . Hoping this will help you, and especially that you will discover some things you didn't know, let's jump in !

September 18 2017

Cart2Cart, now offers you a new way to import your data from other ecommerce solutions to HikaShop and with a ton of options! Discover Cart2Cart and learn what you can expect from it and why we think it is a terrific service for HikaShop.

July 10 2017

We're happy to launch the beta program for a new edition of HikaSerial: Subscription!
A new subscription system for HikaShop

June 30 2017

HikaSerial, the unique content generator toolbox for HikaShop has now reached the 2.0 version!
New interfaces, new plugins, new features to come...

June 27 2017

Many of you asked for it, and it's now done, the styles pack is back!!! Discover here the new characteristics of this release !

June 01 2017

A security release, HikaShop 3.1.1 was released for a security issue reported on the Business edition. Read more about the specifics here

January 18 2017

Our youngest extension, HikaAuction has now reached the 2.0 version!
With our auction extension you can create, manage, and follow auctions on your shop!

January 17 2017

Here we are! HikaShop 3 is now released! It's time to enjoy all the new features we developed in order to meet your needs and increase possibilities! This is a good occasion to thank you for supporting us, making returns and test our alpha and beta versions. Let's discover what has changed, what has been improved and what's new.

December 13 2016

HikaAuction is a Joomla! bidding extension for HikaShop which will enable you to sell your products and do business differently. Thanks to this auction extension, you'll be able to easily create, manage, and follow auctions on your shop !