March 21 2018

An important new step for HikaShop 3 generation with this 3.4.0 version release. Discover here the main new feature : the new checkout workflow interface ! And of course other features, bug fixes and improvements

April 10 2018

Many of you know about our template page, but let's focus on a new template : JD Shop by JoomDev Discover a template designed especially for HikaShop !

February 20 2018

Again a new step for HikaShop 3 generation with this 3.3.0 version release. Discover here the main new features ! And as usual, many bug fixes and improvements

April 20 2018

A new section is now open on our website, the Marketplace, where you will find plugins and other extensions for HikaShop
Discover this new section and lots of plugins !

February 12 2018

Here we are with HikaSerial & Subscription 2.1. With this version, news features, improvements and bugfixes
Discover the last HikaSubscription version!

January 05 2017

Our youngest extension, HikaAuction has now reached the 2.1.1 version!
With our auction extension you can create, manage, and follow auctions on your shop!

January 02 2018

After the beta phase, here comes the first launch! Thanks to your returns, we are proud to release HikaSubscription!
Discover a new subscription system for HikaShop and Joomla!

December 20 2017

HikaShop 3 reaches a new step with this 3.2.2 version. It contains, of course, some new features and many other things like, as usual, bug fixes and improvements

October 19 2017

HikaMarket, the multivendor add-on for HikaShop has a new major release!
With some important modifications in the order/transaction system and new (responsive) interfaces.