December 13 2016


The HikaShop team worked hard to announce you today this new release of HikaShop! With this new relase you will discover more about HikaShop 3improvements and features in all the editions of HikaShop.

December 01 2016

The MicroData is an important point in order to make your e-shop more visible on search engines ! This new system arrived with the HTML5 and is meant to be used as a description of your website content so that search engines can easily extract the important information from your pages.

November 24 2016 Joomla shop

As you probably already know, Joomla always had a shop selling goodies on but it was getting old and needed a revamp.

November 15 2016

ShipRush is a service to help you to easily manage your shipping process.
Have a look on ShipRush's website, and discover this new tool that will become your best friend.

November 10 2016

We all know the important period in front of us, and that's why we offer you these advices and suggestions, in order for you to improve your Christmas sales. Hoping this will please you, and especially help you, let's jump in !

July 10 2016


Many of you have been waiting for it since a long time, that's why we are pleased to announce the HikaShop 3.0 Alpha !