March 05 2019

You were many to purchase our new design plugins, but some of you asked to be able to discover them through a dynamic demo and not only screenshots. As it was a good idea from our customers it's now done !

February 20 2019

The HikaShop 4 series is back with the 4.0.1 and the 4.0.2 ! Thanks to your returns, we were able to improve HikaShop.
let's take a look at what has been improved with the new releases and what's new.

January 17 2019

The HikaShop style pack continues to evolve and now supports the font-awesome icons of HikaShop 4. Discover it here in details !

January 22 2019

Our Marketplace welcomes two new shipping plugins with Mondial Relay and Colissimo.
Let's discover these plugins together!

December 11 2018

HikaSerial and HikaSubscription have a new major release!
It includes the full support of HikaShop 4 and some new features and optimizations

October 19 2018

Our marketplace has now been out for a bit less than a year. Let's discover what has changed in it since then !

October 17 2018

Our youngest extension, HikaAuction has now reached the 3.0.0 version!
With our auction extension you can create, manage, and follow auctions on your shop!

October 10 2018

HikaMarket, the multivendor add-on for HikaShop has a new major release!
It includes the full support of HikaShop 4. Also, almost all views have been refreshed with a new design

October 1 2018

Here we are! After a long summer of hard work, HikaShop 4 is now released! Let's discover what has changed, what has been improved and what's new.