April 12 2022

The new HikaShop 4.5.1 is here! This version is clearly in the continuity of the 4.5.0. Essentially, you will be able to go even further in the customization of your product backend edit page. And as usual, there are more fixes and improvements.
Let's delve into the main features of this new release and discover out what it can offer you !

April 15 2022

The HikaShop marketplace continues to expand its range of plugins. We now have 2 new payment plugins and a new operation plugin.
We'll talk here a bit more about each one.

Febuary 18 2022

The new HikaShop 4.5.0 is here! The previous release of HikaShop, the HikaShop 4.4.5 was basically corrections and improvements, but the 4.5.0 is packed of new features that can open totally new possibilities for your shop ! We hope that these new features will allow you to meet your needs and to positively develop your business!
Let's detail the main features of this new release and discover out what it can offer you !

November 2 2021

HikaAuction, our Joomla! bidding extension for HikaShop, enabling you to setup auctions, continues to progress to offer you even more services and possibilities.
It now fully support Joomla! 4.

October 8 2021

It's been 5 months since last release of HikaShop. While the 4.4.4 is a minor release as there is no breaking modifications or big feature being added, this summer was quite intense for us with Joomla 4's Release Candidates and then first release of the 4.0.0. We spent time testing and fixing all the little things that were still not working properly with Joomla 4, as well as with PHP8. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on what they found.
Let's detail the main points of this new release and discover out what it can offer you !

September 03 2021

The HikaShop Marketplace continues to expand its range of plugins with two new operation plugins.
We'll talk here a bit more about each one below.

June 30 2021

Joomla 4 is now here, so it is time to make the Style pack evolve, and with new characteristics and features !!! Let's discover the new characteristics of this release !

June 23 2021

The UE has introduced new rules for cross-border VAT for Business to Consumer online sales. The goal of this article is to present you with the basics of what this entails for you as a merchant and ask you to give your feedback about some solution we're thinking of.
In order to do that, we've setup a small survey ( you'll find a link to it at the end of this article ) and hope that as many of you as possible will take the time to answer it.
We recommend you take the time to read this article carefully, and consider your different options and express yourself !

June 04 2021

You likely now know that each new release of HikaShop contains its share of new features, but for the 4.4.3, we added quite a few of them, and almost all of them are geared towards the personalization of your e-shop !
Let's detail these new features and discover out what they can offer you !